•  by J.T. Guadalupe


        Last May 6, 2017, participants of the UP College of Music Music Education Department and the Open School of Music had their culminating activity to highlight the end of the community engagement program for this second semester. The community engagement program of the College of Music is a series of free group lessons on recorder, guitar, and keyboard.

       The program is a college initiative of Dr. Jose S. Buenconsejo, spearheaded by the Music Education Department in partnership with the Open School of Music of Quezon City with the support of the OVCRD Extension grant. The program which started in November 2016 until May 2017 had an estimated 50 students of various ages (children to adults) from Quezon City including members of the college maintenance staff and children of the UP College of Music administrative staff.

        The culminating activity started with a recorder and Orff xylophone performance of MuEd 149 student-teachers under Ms. Patricia Rodriguez-Carranza. It was followed by the diverse group of child and adult participants who performed on recorder ensemble, guitar ensemble, and keyboard ensemble popular Disney and Broadway songs, Filipino folk songs, English spirituals, and religious songs.

        The certificates of participation were awarded by Dr. Jose S. Buenconsejo (UP CMu dean), Prof. Jocelyn T. Guadalupe (MuEd department chair and extension grant proponent), Mrs. Engracia Lim (OSM directress), Ms. Patricia R. Carranza, (MuEd 149, keyboard and recorder instructor), and Mr. Jamisolamin Sulayman (MuEd 141 and guitar instructor). With the success of the first community engagement efforts, the participants, organizers, and interested future students cannot wait for the program to continue this coming August 2017!